Wagner Wines (CAYMUS)

In 1972, Chuck Wagner started Caymus Vineyards with his parents, Charlie and Lorna, with a bold plan and an uncharted future. They were a family of farmers with deep roots in the Napa Valley – in 1857, Chuck's great-great grandfather captained a wagon train to California from Bible Grove, Missouri. Working together for decades, Chuck and his parents established the family's work ethic, appetite for innovation, down-to-earth sensibility, and deep appreciation of the pleasures of good food and wine enjoyed with family and friends.

While Caymus has grown over the years, it remains in many ways a small business – decidedly not corporate and entirely family-run. Two of Chuck's children, Charlie and Jenny Wagner, now work alongside him. They all feel extremely fortunate to be spending their days in pursuit of making extraordinary wine, year after year and generation after generation.