TRY WINE® AT HOME™ are PRE-DESIGNED WINE FLIGHT EXPERIENCES, that are INFORMATIVE, FUN, and EDUCATIONAL Wine Tasting Flights "In A Box" for you to ENJOY AT HOME, by yourself, or with as many Friends as you wish. Each TASTE TUBE WINE FLIGHT™ provides 3oz. Sized TASTE TUBES™ of each Wine Selection, enough Wine for Two (or One) and TRY WINE® AT HOME™TASTE TUBE WINE FLIGHTS™ are POURED FRESH TO ORDER directly from our Wine Taps. TRY WINE® AT HOME™ Flights consist of 5 (ECONOMY) or 6 (FIRST CLASS) TASTE TUBE WINES™ or Wine Selections per Flight. FOOD PAIRINGS ARE AVAILABLE FOR EACH FLIGHT.


PLEASE ORDER ON-LINE and if you need Assistance, Call 727-898-9463

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